“I think in general there is a lot of competition in the market, so being able to get a customized message out into the hands of people that actually rent the vehicles is important.”


“I really truly believe that to be successful, you need to be engaged. And the more engaged you are with Boom, the more opportunity you have to get in front of their members, and the more opportunity you will have to drive your partnership and be successful. Participating in events with Boom allows me to do some networking and make contact with people in the procurement department, the travel department, and in addition, to the employees in their everyday roles. I think Boom is a great communication tool for us, to allow us to help get our message out to the field. And not only a message, but a message that is actually tailored to the type of people that are renting the vehicles.”


“We’ve seen a significant amount of business, and I think as we have defined and refined our program more, the volume of business coming in has greatly increased. The numbers are growing and growing on a monthly basis.”