Calgary Zoo


“As a business, one of our challenges in reaching a customer is that there is so much out there these days, and it is actually hard to cut through the clutter. At the Zoo, we also get a lot of requests from companies individually or through their social committees or whatever.”


“One of the easiest ways to do that is to get into people’s desks where they spend their time online and on the internet, and get into their email. What helps us is to point them to a business like Boom because they can offer all those services without the Zoo having to manage it.”


“Boom has helped us reach our customers by getting into their emails, getting into their desks, and getting into a place where people spend their most time. And it’s been very helpful on that side of the business, but it’s also been very helpful on the corporate side of the business. The Zoo offers team builders and different functions, and they’ve been integral in helping us build that business. Boom brings us various kinds of customers too. Whether it is corporate Calgary and the corporate activities that are involved, or it could be just their families and the regular day-to-day consumer lives. So we get both sides of the coin. It’s a win-win situation.”