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Leading Member Loyalty and Rewards Solution

Boom Group is a member and loyalty rewards platform that fully supports our member companies and brands to help increase engagement, retention and sales.

Member Companies, whether corporations, associations or unions, trust us to ensure their valuable members know they are appreciated and valued. Members have easy to use, exclusive and a wide variety of discounts and preferred pricing in a wide selection of lifestyle brands. Member’s privacy is protected - personal information is never shared. See Privacy Policy

Brands whether local, regional or national, partner with us to bring their offers and promotions to our high value Members. With our multi-tiered approach, brands enjoy a unique combination of flexibility, tracking and frequency to help build customer acquisition and retention.

Become a Boom MERCHANT
Everbrave has been a member of BOOM since 2017 and our entire team has enjoyed surprising savings from a number of merchants in our first year with the program. We have fantastic support from everyone at Boom, making it very easy for us to "own" and seamlessly deliver the program's benefits to our staff.
Brianne H.
Member Company Since 2017

We have signed up all of our employees as a reward and have had over a 55% engagement to date. The number of savings that I have heard our staff receive have been anywhere from $810 to $1,745 in insurance savings alone.

The preferred pricing + special promotions on a wide variety of products and services are one of the ways Shane Homes is able to reward and celebrate the hard work and dedication of their staff.

Kevin T.
Member Company Since 2017
Our company has been a member of Boom for almost 5 years. The program makes sense and I like that it is online and easy for me to access when I want to. Boom's program is easy to use and there's no pressure to purchase.
Zul V.
Member Company Since 2012

Our experience with Boom has been exceptional!  The Boom Team is very supportive, responds quickly to inquiries and provides us with everything we need for a successful rewards program – it’s a true partnership! 

The program brings unique value to our Members, the website is easy to use, there are lots of deals and there is something for everyone!  I would recommend the Boom Reward solution to any organization.

Tara T.
Member Company Since 2018

We issued the cards to all of our Club Members as a year end gift and we were very pleased with the results, quickly we heard reports of great saving that had been realized by using the card. 

We would most definitely recommend the boom card to other employers, and clubs! 

Thanks Boom Group look forward to more saving!

John H.
Member Company Since 2018