How to Get New Customers Through Brand Partnership Programs

The smartest and most responsive businesses, are those that are continually seeking new and cost-effective ways to reach new customers and increase business.

Brand Partnership Programs are a highly effective and often overlooked sales and marketing strategy for consumer-based businesses of all shapes and sizes. Let’s take a closer look.


What is a Brand Partnership Program?

Brand Partnership Programs bring together companies and organizations who want to provide a special incentive for their employees or members – with Brand Partners who are eager to share special offers available exclusively to program members.

It’s a show and save promotion where members simply show their membership card (or app) to receive immediate discounts on the purchase of a wide variety of products or services. Offers are promoted directly and frequently to members, often through a targeted multimedia platform.

A win-win-win situation.

For retail and service-based businesses that sign on as Brand Partners, these programs provide direct (and often exclusive) access to a large and extremely engaged membership. It is a highly coveted audience for retailers, since members tend to be adults who are employed.

In turn, organizations are able to use membership as a perk to reward employees and members. It can be part of a retention, recruitment and loyalty strategy. And, their employees or members win with exclusive access to enticing savings.

The Boom Group is a successful Brand Partnership Program that’s opening doors (and cash registers) for its growing list of almost 100 Brand Partners. Boom provides retailers with a more efficient, more targeted, more economical and more measurable approach to their promotional efforts.

70+ Member Companies/Organizations
Almost 80,000 Members
Nearly 100 Leading Retailers

What types of businesses can prosper through Brand Partnership Programs?

Brand Partnership Programs are a great option for almost any business with products or services targeted at every day consumers. This can include everything from one-of-a-kind locally-based businesses and attractions to international brands with multiple locations; from storefront locations to online merchants.

Here are just a few examples of businesses that can build their customer base and increase sales through a Brand Partnership Program:

  • Hospitality: Put your business on their travel itinerary. Hotels, car rentals and travel services are all extremely popular with members, especially when they can find all their vacation savings in one spot. How Hertz has seen its rental business grow by participating in the Boom program.
  • Auto Dealers and Automotive Services: Auto dealers have had great success promoting discounts through Brand Partnership Programs, with higher value offers that stand out amongst the rest. Oil changes, detailing and bodywork and other services are something all car owners require year-round. How Charlesglen Toyota Scion has revved up its sales numbers as a Boom Brand Partner.
  • Attractions and Entertainment: Savings on admissions are proven winners for zoos, amusement parks, fairs and more. A show and save approach also encourages repeat visits from customers. How Calgary Zoo is herding customers through the gates.
  • Electronics and Consumer Goods: Brand Partnership Programs put your offer top of mind and can be changed on a regular basis to align with inventory levels and sales cycles. They’re great for promoting big ticket items or smaller offers designed to get customers in the door.
  • Home Décor/Lifestyle: Program members are employed, and either own homes or rent. They’re just waiting for an invitation to come knocking at your door!
  • Food & Beverage: From upscale wine and liquor merchants to specialty food shops to craft breweries – people are willing to travel for unique experiences. Particularly if there is an added incentive to make the trip worthwhile. How Crowfoot Wine and Spirits has increased the flow of repeat business, including corporate events.
  • Homebuilders, Renovators and Contractors: The ability to save hundreds, if not thousands, on a major purchase is a big incentive with Brand Partnership Programs. Builders and contractors are able to provide enticing offers without eating too deeply into margins.
  • Professional Services: People need insurance, wills, mortgages and a variety of other services. Why not give them a reason to choose your business through a strong offer?
  • Health and Wellness: Fitness facilities, spa services, hair salons and aestheticians are just some of the businesses that cardholders are naturally attracted to. Again, the ability to save with each visit helps to ensure loyalty and repeat business. How Anytime Fitness is trimming costs and getting results through Boom.

10 questions to ask when evaluating a Brand Partnership Program:

  1. What types of member companies are part of the program?
  2. How many members do they have?
  3. Where are the members located (primarily in one city, multiple cities, nationwide)?
  4. How long have they been around, and what is their customer retention rate?
  5. Does the program have an app?
  6. How else do they promote your offers and your business to members? (Emails, magazines, lunch and learns, etc.)
  7. Do you have the flexibility to change up offers or run multiple offers concurrently?
  8. Is it turnkey? Do they offer services such as design, writing and offer consultation?
  9. Do they offer any data to help you evaluate effectiveness of the offer?
  10. Do they offer Brand Partners a choice of packages?

Repeat business: How Brand Partner Programs keep the doors swinging.

The beauty of a Brand Partner Program is that – unlike coupons – it is not a one and done offer. A strong offer will get customers in the door and a great experience will keep them coming back. Especially if they can enjoy the same great savings on their next visit through an ongoing promotional strategy. [Read How Your Offer Impacts Your Customer's Journey]


Coworkers and colleagues talk. And that’s a good thing!

Word of mouth recommendations are good for business. With Brand Partner Programs, it’s amplified – as those water cooler conversations about your great offer multiplies into more customers.

Did you know: Boom can help start the conversation, by holding a Learn@Lunch at its clients’ offices, as a way of introducing members to amazing Brand Partners (like you!).

Get new customers by keeping things fresh!

An offer that appeals to one person won’t always appeal to the next. By updating the offers and promotions your business provides to members, you can see what works. This flexibility also ensures you’re always giving people a new reason to try (or revisit) your business. Some programs (such as Boom) give you the ability to run multiple offers at once – so you can cast a wider net. [Read Get New Customers Through Brand Partnership Programs]


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